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"Cypress Creek Parkway needs to be fixed!"

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

We hear this message from concerned citizens of Northwest Harris County weekly via phone calls and emails. As you drive around and see things like these images, you might feel like there is nothing to be done. But that isn’t the case!

YOU can help bring Cypress Creek Parkway back to what it once was!

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle


In early 2020, the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce set out to establish a management district for Cypress Creek Parkway covering the highlighted areas to the right.

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The State of Texas creates management districts to develop, promote, encourage and maintain economic development, safety, commerce, transportation and other civic qualities in a focused geographical area — by going beyond what local or state governments do.

The State Legislature or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approve a management district when commercial property owners in a defined area request one by petition. Texas has created more than 100 management districts — about half in the Houston area.

Once born, a management district can raise revenue to carry out its mission from fees, assessments or taxes on the properties that will benefit from its services. But not before its local, transparent board of directors says yes — in meetings that are open to the public.

Usually, management district assessments based on property values are tiny compared to taxes levied by cities, counties, school districts and the like.

The Legislature appoints the first set of board members. They are local commercial property owners or their agents. Local governments approve the board members who follow.

When a management district carries out its responsive and board-approved service plan, here are the kinds off changes that district residents, businesses and property owners might see, depending on their needs such as:

  • Extra police patrols and/or private security patrols and mobile security cameras in commercial corridors
  • Litter removal and graffiti abatement, lighting, roadway beautification, landscaping, drainage projects, transit systems
  • Public art
  • Programs promoting public health
  • And so much more!

Photo Credit: North Houston Management District

Photo Credit: Houston Midtown Management District

This is what Cypress Creek Parkway can look like!

With YOUR help we can ensure that Cypress Creek Parkway’s best days are ahead!

Photo Credit: Westchase Management District

Photo Credit: Energy Corridor District


If you own or know someone who owns property along Cypress Creek Parkway, please complete this form and we will follow up with a copy of the petition to be signed!

Management District Petition


While only property owners can sign the petition, you can still help make the management district a reality! Make a donation to help defray the costs of creating the Cypress Creek Management District. The Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable organization. Your donation to the Foundation is tax deductible and will only be used funding the creation of the district!