There are a number of indicators which suggest the United States will be, or already has, entered into a recession. The most glaring indicator has been two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, compounded by rising interest rates, prolonged inflation, and of course the supply chain problems we are all sick of hearing about.

Don’t just take it from me, I am an armchair economist. These explanations require far more research and understanding.  For instance, just because the U.S. may be heading into a recession does not necessarily mean the same is true for Houston.  Historically, the Houston economy tends not to run with the crowd.  But is that still the case today?  I don’t know.  Therefore, anything I say, should be taken with a grain of salt.  What I strongly recommend however, is you take the advice of the experts.  The Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce is bringing you those experts on September 9.  We will be hosting our annual North by Northwest (NXNW) Economic Outlook at the CityPlace Marriott in Springwoods Village.

If you or your company have not already registered for this event, I highly recommend you register and attend.  Historically, we have held this event in the Springtime, but through a twist of fate, it is now going to be in the third quarter of the year.  The timing could not be more perfect with all the wild shifts we have experienced in the last six months.

If you are like me and have a bevy of questions about what to expect in the coming months, and more importantly, want to develop some knowledge on how to manage your business and personal finances in the wake of any future economic shocks, then this event is a must for you.  Our two expert economists this year will be Patrick Jankowski, Senior VP of Research with the Greater Houston Partnership and Mark Wynne, VP and Associate Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  The combination of the two will provide economic insights ranging from local to global perspectives.

Opening our day’s event will be comments from County Commissioner, Precinct 3, Tom Ramsey.  Because of the shenanigans going on in Commissioner’s Court, Tom Ramsey is our area’s new elected representative.  You will want to hear how he intends to lead and serve Northwest Harris County.  Rounding out our event will be a presentation by Caroline Atherton, Chief Talent Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).  HPE moved its global headquarters to Houston last year, and she is going to explain why and provide insights about the emerging technology shift that is occurring in Texas and the Houston area. The day’s crescendo will be the musings and funny tales of an individual with a 39-year career in journalism, recently retired ABC 13 anchorman, Art Rascon. The oft comedic Jason Culpepper with the Community Impact Newspaper will be your master of ceremonies.

This event is also a perfect opportunity to network with your area businesses and visit the 24 exhibitors who will be showing off their wares.  To register for this event, simply click on the link below.  We hope to see you all there.


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