The scope of housing choices in Houston’s Great Northwest is broad. Virtually all types of housing are found within the area. Included are new custom homes, new production/builder homes, townhouses, apartments, rental homes, and homes on the resale market.

Resale Homes

An ample supply of resale listings are on the local home market at the present time. The greater northwest area’s residence count exceeds 200,000, and over 3,000 total resale listings are usually available. This inventory offers many choices to prospective home buyers. Resale home prices generally range from the $70,000 level to $1 million or more. A majority of the resale transactions in northwest Houston have been made in the $90,000 to $200,000 price range.

Rental Homes

The quantity of homes available for rent in northwest Houston is somewhat limited. Few homes lease for less than $700 per month. Most of the rental homes in the local area lease in the $800 to $1,400 range.


Over 100 apartment projects are located in the greater FM 1960 area of northwest Houston. Although occupancy levels for most of these projects generally exceed 90 percent, several thousand units are available for lease. Most of the available apartments include one or two bedrooms. Some efficiency and three-bedroom units also exist. Most monthly apartment lease rates begin in the $750 to $1000 range.