The Cost of Doing Business


The side effects of this great global disruption continue to interfere with our ability to manage our businesses in a more predictable and sustainable manner.  Because of supply chains, large government aid, the Ukraine war, etc., inflation has plunked itself in the front of the line.  Cost increases are coming at us from every direction.  Now, the pundits are sending up flares warning of a looming recession.  If such is to be the case, then remind yourself, just like with hurricanes, we have been through this before.  With a little planning and mindfulness, we will navigate our way through it when the waves start getting choppy.

As the restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. have been forced to raise prices to offset cost increases from their suppliers, the Chamber is needing to increase its prices on two of its membership tiers.  Beginning August 1, Engage level membership will change to $400 annually. The Business Builder level membership will change to $800 annually.  For monthly paying dues members the new rates will be $40/month and $80/month, respectively.

To offset these changes, we invite all Business Builder and Engage level members, regardless of anniversary date, to renew at your current dues rate during the month of July.  In turn, we will reset your next renewal date for July of 2023, effectively postponing the dues increase for another year.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff, I want to thank you again for supporting the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce.  We work tirelessly to find solutions that have meaningful benefit for your business and the local economy.  Lastly, always remember we are here for you.